Over: The Photo Editing App That includes Typography To the Photos

As you recognize, we select a great deal of apps here on Bit Rebels. Need to admit, generally as i see the one which I’m sure can be cool, I install it only to uninstall it fifteen minutes later after i realize it’s you cannot assume all that impressive in any case. Definitely the apps include the super simple razors that are intuitive and don’t require following any instructions. Someone said of a photo editing app this morning i tried and yes it had been a lots of fun, therefore i thought I’d share it together with you today.

There are so many photo editing apps that will be popular today, even so the reason brussels caught attention is simply because I’ve always thought it would be fun to provide some typography to my photos. Very to put it simply, the Over photo editing app puts stylized words on your photos. You could decide on the font, size, tint and color which can convey a new layer of personality towards your photos.

In under 5 minutes, I often went this app to increase some text to a few photos below. This little photo editing app could include a fresh, new effect towards the photos you post against your blog as well as on Pinterest. You can actually use it for those types of business marketing, personal branding or simply for enjoyment like Used to do. Your options are endless once you begin considering it. Dependant upon the photo, you won’t even must leave a caption beneath it anymore. You can find Over here inside app store for $0.99. That’s right, it’s not free, but for me, it turned out worth it. In case you atart exercising . typography for your own photos, I think go back as well as leaving a handful of for us to discover!

The Over Photo Editing App Adds Stylized Words On your Photos

You can select the font, color, tint and size.
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I completed it on a few of my own, personal photos (below) so that you can view the effect.

Via: [Technabob] [Uncrate]

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