Less Meeting App Can change How you will Do the job Meetings Forever

Most people I know don’t like business conference calls. Meetings often waste a long time which enable it to kill productivity in everyone’s workday. A couple weeks ago, I wrote content called 5 Different types of Business Meeting Villains Who Waste Your Time. Imagine if there’s a free app specifically made to swap the way you work meetings forever? That might be very useful. There is this type of app, and it’s called Less Meeting.

It enables you to run better meetings, finish on time, take better notes and become all of your team on the very same page. I spoke to Jeff Steinke, Co-Founder of Less Meeting, on the phone a while back. He was quoted saying appreciate the Less Meeting name implies, it is going to just remember to lower your expenses amount of time in business conferences and much more moment productive and inventive at the job.

Less Meeting was an app born to resolve the problems with business conference calls. There are many meetings in the workday, plus they are often disorganized and not just run effectively. This is not to cover the flood expertise which comes beyond each meeting. Less Meeting aims to unravel meeting challenges by using a quite simple, free solution. For anyone who is willing to check it out for you, you can aquire it here on iTunes. Or else, please read on to read more.

Less Meeting is actually Evernote for project teams & business conferences.

Less Meeting easily integrates your calendars, meeting notes and to-dos all in one place. It is just a tool to help you to do everything that you are already doing; only you’ll have the capacity to do them quicker and many more streamlined. By merely having the capability to easily share notes amongst downline, automate your follow ups, delegate to-dos and track team metrics, you’ll save a huge amount of time. Moreover Less Meeting provide you with the free mobile apps, a sizable an extensive web product and several integrations with various calendar and task tools. It is really the final meeting platform.

Are you a Project Manager or IT professional? Yes? You should be using Less Meeting.

You have already got loads of meetings and standing meetings to go by high on to-dos. This is often Less Meeting’s specialty. Besides, when you’re finding clients, Less Meeting enables you to be look awesome! Those who typically utilize this app are productivity-oriented executives, project managers, PMOs, client service teams and small business owners. There’s even just a significant a part of the member that is certainly made from IT professionals.

Less meeting turns ‘bad’ meetings into ‘good’ meetings. Additionally, it helps to make the things you’re already doing running a very good meeting (well , trying to do) very much of the lot easier. Including, you’ll no more suffer from generating a business meeting plan and sending it to everyone before the meeting. You’ll not merely take better notes, but you’ll be able to more easily share your meeting minutes and to-dos together with your team.

The results existing Less Meeting users are seeing in their business conference calls are staggering. Overall, they’ve reported 17% shorter business meetings, 21% a shorter time following up and 80% improvement in meeting culture. Furthermore they report that their action tools are two times as destined to be done punctually, which is actually a huge advantage. The thing I do think is missing from that app is that it doesn’t experience an audio function for recording detailed meeting presentations. Aside from that, I can’t imagine anything I’d add to help it become better.

Can a demo of Less Meeting?

Sure! This can be a 3 minute demo video:

What are people saying about Less Meeting?

“I began using Less Meeting to change email to have meeting minutes. This product goes a lot of farther than that by automating most of the meeting guidelines you ought to be following but probably aren’t.” ~Chad P., Mobile Tech Consultant

“That makes capturing notes and tracking Action items ridiculously trivial. I recommend highly it to all my fellow PM’s and Software managers.” ~Barry G., IT Project Manager

“Less Meeting is concise, doesn’t add unnecessary fringe features to complicate the core competency within the program, also it simply works effortlessly.” ~Dean C., Internet Sales Manager

“I can’t be everywhere right away, so when Need to float between meetings I can tell where I’m needed and what resources folks would need from me.” ~Sherrilynn R., School Principal

Less Meeting – The Ultimate App For Business Meetings

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