Artificial Intelligence App Tweets With your Twitter After Your Death

We mightn’t have figured out ways to live forever, but apparently we’ve worked out how our Twitter accounts can. Yup, now your Twitter will keep going if you aren’t. I’m not discussing scheduled auto-tweets or having other people tweet to suit your needs. I’m speaking about a false intelligence that learns your personality and tweets, retweets and keeps your Twitter account chasing after you are absent.

It’s a morbidly interesting idea, and a second which more than 7,000 people like since that’s how many people have already agreed to this ‘after death Twitter service.’ The app, called _LIVESON, is named being your social afterlife. In line with the website, it studies your Twitter feed and learns facts about anything you like, what you don’t like, what tweets you’ve favorited, what tweets you’ve retweeted, and in many cases your way of writing.

It should start assembling an imitation Twitter feed rich in tweets to focus on. This can be done with a private Twitter account on that will undoubtedly allow one follower (you). Doing this, when you are still alive you can give feedback for the service for the fake tweets and once it starts sending them legitimate (after you’re dead), are going to good.

These aren’t just bogus tweets either. This very intelligent service will retweet tweets, send quotes, and tweet about certain situations happening on the earth. It’s going to actually appear like it’s you that is doing the tweeting. You can also select you to definitely function as special person which will manage your _LIVESON account you’re now gone.

I’ve discovered Twitter services that can tweet one final tweet after you die and the kind of thing, but this could be the first I’ve got word of a solution which will keep your Twitter account going just as if nothing happened. Although it’s intriguing, I can’t figure out why someone will want this specific service. Surely the converter should have may explanation. Let’s hope someone will enlighten me about that. I am talking about, when we die, ultimately really matter once we start losing followers because we’ve stopped tweeting? Hmm…

App Tweets With your Twitter (Just Like You) After You’re Dead

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