CouchCachet Tweets Your Fake Exciting Life If you ever Don't Have One

According on the CouchCachet app website, you could start living the life you’ve always wanted without ever leaving your property. Suddenly lounging on the couch with all the remote in a hand and a beer within the other just became cool again. That’s right, this app can provide and tweet a fun filled life for yourself for those who don’t get one in the real world. It even goes as long as to confirm you within the coolest parties with Foursquare and tweet pictures from Instagram.

You can achieve more or less everything straight from your own personal couch. A great deal more if you want to already have got an exilerating life to discuss an exciting life on social networking. This app ‘s all depending on FOMO (the fear of missing out). We occasionally choose to just veg out in your own home, but we are worried that many of us may be losing something. Now you can ease the anxiety attributable to FOMO through pretending like i was really at those places. I’m sure Dr. Phil would’ve a heyday because of this app.

CouchCachet was originally created as a joke, but apparently it fills a necessity that a number of people have. Who wants to be usually the one sending a tweet on Saturday night that states “I’m just going out in your house watching the big game and eating a pizza” when other people are checking in and tweeting pictures all the cool places around town. This app fixes that. By making a fake exciting life, so you can also be a part of the “in crowd” in social media marketing.

A word of caution though…Take into account that weaving a website of lies is likely to be harder and keep with than you may realize. As soon as friends ask you about your weekend, maybe you have to talk your own personal Twitter page to find out what you may did before you respond to them.

CouchCachet Tweets Your Fake Exciting Life If you ever Don’t Have One

Start living the actual you usually wanted, from the comfort of your own couch.

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