Record Your way of life Together with the 1 Second Everyday App

There are usually more plus more applications being introduced for photo sharing, photo manipulation and naturally lifelogging. Most of these things have to this point been focused on photography. But have you considered sounds, voices plus the ambiance that fills our everyday lives? These are usually things that fast flood the brain with memories every time they penetrate our ears. The condition has always been that shooting video, editing it and putting it into a stream is actually a difficult and boring process. Just snapping pictures inside them for hours it automatically uploaded to your photo feed is streamlined. However, with the 1 Second Everyday app, that whole annoying process is soon simply memory.

The 1 Second Everyday app can be a break through in lifelogging allowing you to decide 1 second in all of the your videos shot after a day and add it to your video stream. After several years, you’ll have a 40 minute video that will permit yourself to relive people, sounds, experiences, ambiance and emotions in 1 second clips of the many single day over those Ten years.

This will mean that it will be easy to record your entire life and relive it at any time. It will likely be filled with memories, wind up capable to remember, share and relive those precious moments time and time again. The fir Second Everyday app will be manufactured by Cesar Kuriyama who’s going to be currently trying to find funding in an effort to finalize the app, and then also put in a group of new groundbreaking features with it. The project needs just $20,000 for being completed, and currently Cesar is qualified to raise almost $18,500 throughout the 1 Second Everyday app Kickstarter page. This lifelogging app is definitely an amazing concept with a bit of incredible potential. Pledge now to get your app when the funding is finished in 23 days.

Cesar Kuriyama’s 1 Second Everyday App

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