StillShot: The App That Fixes An apple iphone Video Fail In 3 Steps

There are regarding a million different apps for adding effects or sharing pictures on the iPhone. But up until now, there has not been the things you could do should you wreck and please take a video instead of a picture unintentionally. Now that problem has been solved by?Macadamia Apps making use of their recently released app called StillShot.

StillShot performs app magic which turns your video into frame-by-frame shots, and helps you to grab and the ones you would like to use as photos. When is saved. Another awesome this specific is that you simply need not make a choice between video whilst still being shots. You can record what you wish after which you can grab the stills.

It’s also fantastic given it works superior to HDR for capturing a number of still shots back to back and achieving the most beneficial picture. So, let’s say you that will take a picture of your kid who just learned the right way to dive, and he will be looking for initially by himself. You will be so proud, then so?embarrassed?because you?accidentally?took a relevant video, and now you can’t post it on Instagram. It is possible to fix this challenge in only three steps. Just shoot your video (by mistake or deliberately) and open it up in StillShot. When you’re finished, you’ll enjoy the picture you want. It will be premium quality and is downloaded, printed or posted anywhere. Aside from that, you’ll be able to grab the best moment which might or might determined in case you have been taking shot together with your camera. StillShot could save the afternoon. For just a a bit more cuteness, I put a sweet video they made around the app in the bottoom here.

To get rolling, just watch this video of any kid jumping right pool (let’s pretend this is actually the one you took by mistake) and read the steps below. It’s easy!

Step 1 – Open your video in StillShot and appear through the frames.

Step 2 – Opt for the one you prefer the top.

Step 3 – Pick the best image and tap it.

Image Credits: [Macadamia]

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