WalkNText: Master Walking & Texting Utilizing this type of iPhone/Android App

Now you could finally end up being the master of ones own domain and confidently walk and text (simultaneously) whenever, wherever you want. I’m an app junkie, and I write about numerous apps on Bit Rebels, but rarely can i pick one up which is as creatively cool because one. I just wrote an app that allows you to text and walk all at once through getting anyone to view what on earth is before you decide to via your smartphone camera. It’s great for people much like me who trip over their own personal two feet fairly often. Today I’d plan to reveal to you an application I recently found which does the ditto only it’s far more powerful, and has now a lot more advanced features.

I don’t determine you saw the viral video that’s gotten over 2.7 million views up to now 7 days, but it’s of ladies eating the concrete while attempting to text and walk. I said below in your viewing pleasure. In order to keep or something that is from going on, purchase the WalkNText app for ones iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android smartphone.

I’ve compared this app to similar ones, and it’s the most beneficial one of its kind for a lot of reasons. To begin with, it has a transparent keyboard which allows for a much bigger viewing space (in case you don’t want the transparent keyboard, with a single click, you could switch to the built in keyboard). So whatever your look is; you can truly type and walk without nervous at all.

It also offers several other advanced features like multiple language support as well as the capability wear either landscape or portrait mode. It’s also possible to modify the shade of the words so subject to the floor or ground resembles prior to you, it is certain the text stands apart. Additionally, it includes a flashlight to light to your website when you are walking outside in the evening and wish to text freely. And, most importantly off, this app will sync for your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts, in order to post your text anywhere you’d like. There’s even a little character counter icon to help you remember to be being brief in your texts and staying under 140 characters for Twitter.

Check your video below so you’re able to notice in working order. When you get this app, you’ll definitely thank me later. It was produced by Incorporate Apps, also it was simply released about 10 days ago. Do you opt to get it for a spin. You will get it here on iTunes or even in the Android Market. It’s officially on my listing of favorites!

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Spying on cute guys is yet another handy use in this app. 🙂

I recommend this app this means you don’t take in the concrete or
belong to a HUGE fountain with the mall such as people!

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