Type-N-Walk App For Clumsy People: Text & Tweet While Walking

Can you walk and text together? I can’t. I’ve busted my butt over and over again looking to undertake it. It’s much more frustrating for me to tweet while I’m walking since with one wrong move, I’ll accidentally send a lame or bogus tweet to a number exceeding 60,000 people. I’m super clumsy. I fell yesterday getting in the motor car. I’ve read about people falling as they quite simply were looking for ways to out from the car, but I’ve never seen everybody else falling while entering into your car.

Apparently other people are slightly clumsy too because now there is an application allowing us simply to walk and text/tweet together! It’s also great for spying on people too, that’s an added little fun benefit.

This app works by showing experience behind the text and that is manufactured by what your iPhone camera sees. This way, you could type and look at your surroundings all as well. Passes away . because of this can it be doesn’t automatically launch when you’d like to resolve a text. On every occasion, you need to manually open the app, but then again, that’s a detail. Exactly the fact that I won’t really need to trip over whatever is in my way each time I’m typing and walking rocks !! It is possible to pick this standing on iTunes to get a buck. Appreciate it to my pal Sabastian for tweeting over it!

Via: [Swag So Fresh]

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