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If you happen to be anything like me, you most likely finished up waiting many years for the iPhone to be presented on the carrier’s network. Once the time visited upgrade to a different phone, you had few others choice but to dabble from the waters of Android. Now please do not misunderstand me, I just were looking forward to getting my mitts on my Droid. At my particular case, I used to be traveling involving the US, China, Malaysia and Europe in that time, therefore the iPhone really wasn’t an option anyway.

One issue I had put together on the outset was maintaining a backup of my data on the phone. I chose MissingSync to hold my laptop and speak to address books current. Unfortunately, any time you snap a brief photo that you’d like to control in advance of tweeting or posting to Flickr and even Facebook, you will be having the lengthy steps involved in an information sync. In order to accelerate the procedure, I made special sync profiles, but even that became cumbersome. Get real, I was able to always just email the photo to myself edit it and post it where I need to, but let’s be realistic, it you’ve ever traveled internationally, even this could turn into challenge.

Thankfully, I recently found AirDroid which happens to be essentially a person web server for the android phone. Simply install your application from the Android Market and turn it on. After you enable your WiFi you need to the service, it presents you with an Internet protocol address based URL which you access your favorite browser. Be sure you range from the :8888 that is the service port identifier to the address line make certain that method is connected to the charger. Airdroid generates a quick random password every time you start the service; however, I propose which you enter your personal in the advanced settings that’s a minimum of 8 characters long and includes mixed case, digits and at least 1 symbol. A product like Ol1v3nt# is a useful one, only choose your own because Olivent is the name of my consulting company.

In any event, as soon as you connect your browser towards the device, you could download sets from individual contacts, images, music, videos and in many cases android applications for a PC/Mac/Lunix computer. One handy feature would be the ability to meet up with your text messages service via this web interface. Ultimately, this is often one of several handiest apps I’ve come with my droid in ages. Just be sure you shut the service off whenever you are performed backing things up.

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