Expert Says Beached 'Sea Monster' In Mexico Is Just The Head Associated with a Sperm Whale Kids News Article

On March 9, the Civil Protection and Firefighters Department in Acapulco received news of the mysterious ‘sea monster’ that have washed through the place city’s beautiful Bonfil Beach. Measuring a remarkable 13-feet (4 meters) in size the gray creature that resembles a big blob with multiple layers of skin is unlike anything experts have encountered before. Hence, the larger animal has sparked our planet’s imagination.

Now a guru who have viewed the video the Mexican officials posted over the organization’s Facebook page thinks that he or she could have identified the ‘creature.’ James Mead, curator emeritus of marine mammals at the National Museum of the Natural History in Washington D.C. believes the huge lump of saggy skin would be the top 1 / 2 the with the world’s largest species of the toothed whale – The sperm whale.

Mead says the mammal’s head has two distinct areas. The top part region, named the spermaceti organ posesses a waxy liquid called spermaceti, which serves three functions. It enables the whale to swim into deep waters to hunt for prey and float returning to the counter to breathe. The liquid can also help the whale with echolocation as well as speak to fellow members of its species.

The bottom region which is called ‘the junk’ has lots of compartments of spermaceti separated by fatty cartilaginous tissue. Mead believes that the ‘creature’ may be the sperm whale’s junk and the top section of its head devoid of the spermaceti organ.

Though marine experts in Acapulco haven’t yet confirm Mead’s theory it lets you do sound plausible – Sure removes the thrill from imagining that we often have discover a new scary sea monster, right?


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