Video Of The Week – Hawaii's Big Island A Winter Wonderland? Kids News Article

Hawaii’s Big Island is well known for several things – its rich culture, active volcanoes, black sand beaches, green rainforests, and definitely year-round warm, humid, weather. This coming year, the sunny paradise can also add snow to this particular impressive list. Since early December, almost three feet away of snow has blanketed the over 13,000-feet high volcano peaks with the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, and more is anticipated.

Local meteorologists point out that though an infrequent sight now, snowcaps were after a fixture on these peaks. However, year after year, the increasingly the sunshine has caused the ice caps to shrink. Those wishing for a White Christmas about the beach are in for any disappointment. This is because even throughout the coldest of winters the reduced altitudes only experience light ice, that melts automatically while in the balmy weather.


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