Qizai, World's Only Captive Brown And White Panda, Thrives Against All Odds Kids News Article

With directly about 1,800 specimens left in the wild, all giant pandas are precious. However, Qizai, a seven-year-old that resides in the Foping Panda Valley in China’s Shaanxi province, is a lot more so. That is because he’s amongst a handful of giant pandas recognized by have brown and white fur along with the only such specimen in captivity. However, as you move the 220-pound Qizai is the superstar on the animal world, life hasn’t already forever been easy.

Abandoned by his mother while he was only sixty days old, Qizai spent his early years on the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue Center. Once he previously been nursed returning to health, the enormous panda cub was used his current home so that he has been together with other giant pandas. However, one other bears did actually understand that Qizai was “different” and frequently bullied him by stealing his bamboo.

The officials have since moved him to her own enclosure and assigned him a full-time keeper. He Xin, who spends 18 hours daily caring for Qizai, says the adorable giant panda is slower than his non colored documents peers. He takes longer to respond when called by his name and as well eats on a sluggish pace. But that doesn’t stop Qizai from devouring balanced and healthy diet of Chinese flour buns, milk, and since almost as much as 44 pounds of bamboo on a daily basis.

Qizai is owned by a subspecies of giant pandas known as Qinling pandas, a nod to the remote Qinling Mountains where they reside. While a good many of area’s giant pandas sport small brown patches on their own bellies, only seven, including Qizai, are already observed to experience fur that is entirely brown.

Researchers are not sure of what causes it. Some speculate that your brown fur as a result of a recessive gene. Others believe that it is as a consequence of climate or perhaps an environmental chemical in the Quinling area that is affecting one or more of the pigmentation genes. Scientists hope they’re able to dig up some clues by observing Qizai’s offspring and tend to be currently on the lookout for a mate in this beautiful, fluffy animal!


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