Apple To Update The AirPods: Water-Resistance, Voice Activation, & More

Apple’s AirPods.? No matter if you cherish them or hate them, the numbers don’t lie.? They’ve been selling like hotcakes until its easier to receive an iPhone X them over.? Based on a new report from Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg, the newer models are gonna get a lot better.??

The upcoming AirPods for 2018 are able to offer more tricks versus original to very much do more due to its users.? We’re looking at a beefed-up type of Apple’s W1 chip designed to present you with the means to access Siri via your voice.? Currently, you need to tap one side to accomplish this.? Followed by year’s update is slated to help make the earbuds water-resistant for 2019.??

This include the 1st update on the line since being unveiled 24 months ago.? The AirPods were successful enough to induce earbud-envy during the entire tech industry.? Trying to find forward to the future of AirPods or not interested?


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