Report: No LG G7 At MWC But A Refreshed V30 w/ AI

Looks like LG is evolving up their strategy a tad as opposed to same old, same – allegedly. Good folks at Korea Herald, we’re not gonna see the G7 (or quantity are) at MWC this coming year.

Looks like LG might be rolling out a V30 refresh but w/ a focus on artificial intelligence features. Unsure if that’s something to get too serious about as LG enjoys owning the best software or software implementation. Not certain what else they can do to ensure it is any different. Hopefully boost the CPU and front-facing camera.

Not sure what LG has plans for 2018 nonetheless they require some real marketing behind their flagships as which was heavily missing. Accomplishes this supply you with or cause you to lose faith for LG? Sound off.

Korea Herald

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