Apple's Education Event Could Bring A Cheaper iPad w/ Pencil Support

It appears that Apple is looking to execute a better job in competing?inside the education sector.? It is often many years since Apple & education have really been?mentioned while in the same breath.? Google have been conquering with their end w/ their Chromebooks and Microsoft have been holding it down too.? Apple has been doing an education-based event this Tuesday as we can only surmise what’s coming.??

Apple wants a handful of that pie that Google & Microsoft are eating of.??

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo & Bloomberg, Apple will launch a 9.7inch iPad designed to include the Pencil stylus including a suggested price point of about $260.? Addititionally there is word of any refreshed $329 model that is going to?add Pencil support in addition.? This may be interesting as Apple is pushing regarding their iPads to be laptop?alternatives of sorts.??

Originally, many were suspecting a less expensive MacBook but that will arrive later this year.? Speculation has it?w/ a 13inch Retina display BTW.? This is required to replace the?MacBook Air w/ a?price under?$1,000.? Not certain as long as they will destroy air & just keep their 12inch Macbook for their only entry-level laptop or nah.??

Along w/ that we’re expecting a new version?of iBooks & ClassKit, new iOS education-based features, and a updated Pencil stylus.??Apple’s education event is occurring this Tuesday in Chicago at 11AM EST/10AM CST.??Any the thing it Apple’s cheaper hardware for schools?

Bloomberg |?MacRumors

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