Project Fi Gets A large Data Plan Decision for $80

Yesterday, Google’s Project Fi MVNO just adopted even more interesting.? They beefed up their plans for heavy data users to manufacture a basically a limiteless data plan option.? This is due to the new Bill Protection.

This new feature allows you to cap your $10 per GB data bill at $60 every month.? Then add $20 each month for unlimited calls & texting on an $80 per 30 days unlimited plan.? Prior to this, this is to repay $10 per GB no matter what and would get costly for heavy data users.? Bill Protection will cover both individual & group users on Project Fi.??

Beware!? There’s a simple data cap BTW.? It’s at 15GB of web data per line per month.? Go above that product you may get slower speeds.? Like really slow speeds.? Like to 256kbps type of speeds until your future billing cycle.??But if you’re someone anything like me who burns through as i am,? this can get costly.? I’ve done just as much as over 50GB of knowledge within a month & a 18GB minimum.??

The Bill Protection still is a welcome adjustment.? Is this fact great news for you personally Project Fi users or maybe you don’t care?


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