Amazon Is Raising The Monthly Prime Membership From $11 To $13

So it appears like Amazon is definitely the 1st company considering getting a lit much more $$ away from you with the new year.? So good intel from the folks over at ReCode, the cost of the monthly Prime has got from $10.99 to $12.99.?

So a high level Prime member that paying monthly membership rather than annual one, you’re just going to be shelling out more you accustomed to.??This is often makes for around an 18% increase that totals nearly extra $24 1 year.? So rather than adding up on the $132 enjoy it helpful to, you are now find themselves shouldering $156 per year.??

So not at all the more serious news though not the top from Amazon either.? Will this encourage monthly Prime members to just cash out a regular membership to your year???


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