The Razer Phone Powers Their New Project Linda Laptop #CES2018

With Razer riding excellent for well-received Razer Phone, they needed to utilize it for the prototype for CES in 2010.? Greet Project Linda: a laptop dock for your Razer Phone – mainly because it has numerous processing power inside.??

The laptop itself provides a 13.3inch QHD touchscreen display, a Chroma customizable backlit keyboard w/ custom Android keys, a headphone jack, 200GB of storage, and also a aluminum body.? It will be operated by the Snapdragon 835 CPU & 8GB of RAM in the phone itself together with doubling since its trackpad too.? Connect a mouse with it as well as phone screen will represent an alternate display.??

Since its a laptop dock, it will probably be running Android and needs to perform as with any other Razer laptop – essentially.? Question Project Linda is often a concept until revealed otherwise, don’t anticipate pricing or release details for this.? Despite the fact that, this might be an example of their concepts they can actually check out market with.? Simply how much would you purchase it?


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