Google Wallet & Android Pay Merge Being Google Pay

While at CES today, Google also announced moving to merge their different payment options into one unified solution.? So no more Android Pay or even just Google Wallet as Google Pay will be taking over from here.? ??

This new option will handle everything Android Pay & Google Wallet employed to like retail purchases via NFC, payment info stored on Chrome, & Google Play payments.? You may end up being qualified to utilize Google Pay to pay for your mates in addition.??Seems like Yahoo is trying to course correct having lots of apps/solutions available that does similar or perhaps the same things.?

Those folks interested should be expecting Google Pay to roll out in coming weeks.? You already possess select apps that already switched over to Google Pay like Airbnb, Fandango, & more.? ?Who’s longing for seeing such a more unified payment service from Google resembles?


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