LG Gets Lessen The G Series For your Much-Needed Rebrand

Over recent times in Android land companies, there have been one or two companies thriving like Google, OnePlus, & Samsung and some haven’t been doing extraordinary.? One particular companies over the downtake is LG.??

Their G-series hasn’t been hitting love it accustomed to when the G6 didn’t too well.? Folks from LG spoke towards Investor and revealed that they’re looking to change their branding strategy.? Therefore, the flagship to your 1st half the season most certainly won’t are the G7.? ?They haven’t revealed which route they’re gonna go in comparison to its their naming options.??

The G6 was cool but nevertheless anticipating these phones deliver a quality camera & do something different w/ their software.? The G series hasn’t been making a big interest or excitement want it familiar with.? Overall body workout can be helpful as I’m sure the cell phone has already been done or around being done so the latest name can help you.??

Anyone think a brand change?might help them out?

The Investor

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