Apple Apologizes For Slowing Down Older iPhones

Right before Christmas, Apple got caught out on Front Street by proving what many iPhone users felt was true.? The intentional going slower of older phones when newer iPhones get released.? Although we didn’t address it on the webpage, we did talk about it about the podcast.? Observe the clip today below.??

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For a little bit background, the problem is inside the power management aspect that started back surrounding the iPhone 6 & 6s w/ iOS 10.2.1.? It’s got continued to even current slate of iPhones that can be purchased currently.? That was carried out prevent shutdowns & other battery failures on the other hand resulted in a growing class-action lawsuits against Apple.??

Since Apple points the issue being solely the car battery, they’re doing battery replacements for iPhones only for $29 as opposed to the normal tariff of $79.? This will pertain to anyone w/ an iPhone 6 or later.? Also, an iOS update will unveil early next year to consider customers more guidance for their phone’s battery health.?

This is perhaps all set to apease their iPhone client base as Apple is accommodating present you with a better battery experience.? If you fit the factors of experiencing your battery replaced, are you presently gonna apply it?? Is the enough from Apple in order to satisfy you?


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