Special Edition Of Fahrenheit 451 Is able to Be Read By Applying Heat To Its Pages Kids News Article

French graphics firm Super Terrain, has created an ingenious technique to capture the essence of Ray Bradbury’s best-selling novel, Fahrenheit 451. The company’s recently released special edition copy can just be read through the use of heat towards the blackened pages.

The prototype, unveiled in October 2017, was designed to showcase a singular, charcoal-based heat-activated ink which becomes visible when warm, and fades away in the event the pages cool down. The technology would be the brainchild of researchers with the Netherlands-based Jan van Eyck Academie, that’s well-known due to the experiments in materials and media.

For those not really acquainted with the dystopian book, Fahrenheit 451 tells the story of any future America whereby reading is banned, and books outlawed, to suppress dissenting ideas. Firefighters, sent to eradicate any books found, are expected to set them burning down overnight, for optimum effect. The title is usually a reference for the approximate temperature in which books burn.

This is not first-time designers have developed program unique editions on the novel. In 1953, the age Fahrenheit 451 was released, its publisher, Ballantine Books, created two hundred dollars copies bound in fire-resistant asbestos. The unique books are nevertheless highly coveted by collectors and sell for as as much as $20,000 each.

In 2013, Elizabeth Perez screen-printed the book’s spine with match-striking paper, signaling maybe it’s burned, if desired. The graphic artist says her Fahrenheit 451 book design became “insanely popular” inside a minimal time, and she or he was inundated with requests from fans seeking a copy. Unfortunately, Perez only come up with the one concept copy. However, fans of Super Terrain’s heat-activated book probably have better luck, given that the creators have promised to create more and release them accessible in 2018 C So a lot more!


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