New Tech Trends In Gaming – VR, AR, Mobile Games & Cloud Streaming

Following the inception of Oculus, PSVR and HTC Vive, Virtual Reality (VR) games have entered the mainstream greatly – so much in fact that virtual battlefields, 3dRudder controllers for VR gaming and AI chess boards stole the show within the 2018 Electronic products Show (CES).

But in the rapidly evolving gaming industry, the most recent gaming developments can be tough to get. In the bid just to walk our readers towards the newest technologies, from cloud streaming to Augmented and Virtual Reality, we’ve compiled a listing of most innovative tech creations shaping the future of the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality (VR)

While Virtual Reality games have existed for a long time, a lot of the apparatus and headsets within the 90’s and 00’s failed to transport gamers recommended to their desired digital dimension. Fast-forward a decade, however, and VR technology has transformed the gaming industry. Today, players can completely escape into another world where they’re able to talk with virtual landscapes and characters. But when we are experiencing something of a VR renaissance, the road to mainstreaming VR has not been easy.

Only in the last two years has VR began to gain serious traction. Use the 3dRudder, such as, a controller which lets you naturally control gameplay along with your feet. This platform is great for anything from immersive VR skiing to flying an airplane or chasing opponents within an action game, but this hands-off VR gaming experience has entered the mainstream recently.

Another new VR tech trend which includes only recently entered the mainstream could be the Disney Research Teams haptic ‘force jacket’ that simulates physical sensations, just like having snakes slither over your whole body. In addition to being we’re already seeing, when VR technologies such as become adapted in games, and technologies become cheaper and much more accessible, games be a little more and many more realistic.

It’s clear from many of the latest VR sets on show at this year’s CES, including new head-mounted displays with haptics, eye and motion tracking, 360-degree video and directional sound, that when one new item of tech costs too much for any average gamer, alternative models are set to join this marketplace very quickly. Options include the Samsung Gear VR headset, PlayStation VR, and Oculus Rift VR which is often utilised in popular games such Skyrim VR and Elite: Dangerous, and cheaper, mobile options like Gear VR and Daydream. Each and every new VR tech development, the online worlds created are becoming more realistic.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile is among the most popular gaming platform. And after this, you can find a large number of operators competing to get a slice within the mobile gaming business, with creators like Joingo in the lead. Recently, VR and mobile gaming arenas have enmeshed to develop a new genre of mobile gaming. Staying with the adventure operator and developer Joingo, and exploring their immersive Rivers Casino mobile app, we’re able to discover how new technologies can make a casino experience unlike any other. Gamers are listed chips revealed, acquire cards and communicate with other players all on their own cellphone.

Available on iOS and Android, the Rivers Casino app offers users unlimited game on a massive amount free casino games like Slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ’em Poker plus much more. In addition to being mobile gaming has shown to be the most common platform with users, Joingo have united key tech developments like VR with mobile developing a new gaming genre and enhancing user engagement and pleasure in the act.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality games were maybe there hottest category in the 2018 CES, the biggest advantage being that AR is much more accessible than VR. Using technology already present in most smartphones, AR takes a player’s physical environment and overlays digital home elevators top, altering our real-world experience. Think Pok

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