Epson LabelWorks Printers – Epson LW-PX 400 [Review]

Generally, professionals should you prefer a portable wireless printer. Due to this as well as other reasons, we thought to make a report on the LW-PX 400 printer from Epson manufactures.

Epson manufactures is not a little brand, but it’s considered an indication of quality. The LW-PX 400 is the one other printing technology using a completely level for label printing. It offers services beyond expectation and simplicity is definitely another way of proving its reliability.

Epson LabelWorks Printers stands since several preferred products for professionals, and LW-PX400 will be the label printing solution for any digital era. It is just a portable, wireless industrial labeling printer that’s been setting up a mark available on the market when it comes to service and durability. Its convenience exceeds the expectation from a Datacom installer, electrician or anyone simply wants a labeling solution with regard to their company.

Let’s look at the main reasons why this product is all you need on your labeling solution.


The LW-PX400 is totally portable along with perhaps the tiniest label printer you can ever find on the market. Forget all the hustle of connecting wires and electrical items, this device is wireless and you’ll connect it to a quantity of devices if they are Bluetooth enabled. It is just great and bad label printing up to you.

With just an iOS or Android mobile phones, you’ll get your task done your location, and even better if you have PC. All you need for the devices is definitely the Label Editor Professional Software. You may take it within your hand or install it on your bottom line as things are only 24mm in dimension. Use it inside field to make professional visual identifications by using a taste of quality.


Another feature generates it worth the cost is its applicability. It really is made for durability and adaptability for usage in numerous ways.? It can be used anywhere including hospitals, electrical, office, laboratory to produce industrial grade adhesive labels and also shrink tube markers.

If buy the electrical and ICT sector, you can create professional looking heat shrink tube markers with no trouble. This can be achieved with 7 heat shrink tube of sizes about 7/8″.

You want colored, durable, cost-saving magnet labels for inventory management, whiteboard or rack labeling applications? This can be the product for getting. Patch panel and punch blocks labeling will be no trouble with the LW-PX400.


  • Easy to use. Has spit back labels and auto-cutter for fast label creation
  • It has label editor professional software to allow for wireless printing
  • It creates specialty labels
  • Up to 60% less waste due to the smaller lead margin
  • Allow printing labels from 4mm to 24mm wide in than 160 materials and colors
  • Compatible with Window, iOS, and Android
  • Lifetime warranty


  • It does not have any LCD or backlight
  • No External memory
  • It is kind of costly
  • Because from the size, it may need additional care in handling and keeping

There isn’t an denying until this ought to be the printer as part of your office or home currently. If you’ve ever tried the LW-PX400 printer, feel free to share your finding.

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